For the Purpose of Return/Refund of sold products one of the three reasons below should be shown, and therefrom return/refund via each reasons below will be handled accordingly.



  • Delivered Product does not matches the Ordered Product:



If verified by customers that the product delivered to them, in any aspect doesn’t matches the product ordered from the online store, the order can be immediately refunded. However for this refund the customer will have to claim the difference or any faulty features of the product at the time of delivery itself. Once the payment is accepted with the due diligence, customers can not claim a refund under this reason.



  • Any defective production or uselessness of the product to the client:



If customer requests a return of any product for the reason that he was not able to locate the defective production at the time of delivery, or if the product is no longer useful to the client, then we may at our sole discretion refund the product or replace the product with another one with such terms and conditions that we at our sole discretion may deem fit. Keep in mind that under this reason, we are not legally bound to necessarily make good the loss to the customer. Based on various cases, a portion may be deducted from the original value for the purpose of refund/replace under this reason. Refund/Return under this reason will be open and available only within 10 days of the delivery.



  • Under the Brand Policies of Warranty/Guarantee:



If the distributors of any product has policies of warranty/guarantee for their specific products, then the customer will be informed about it at the time of delivery. We will assist our customers for refund/replace under such policies. However customers should understand that these third party warranty/guarantee will be subject to the terms and conditions of those parties. We as a seller of product will not be made to bear the ultimate liability of such warranty/guarantee if the concerned party is unable to make them good. Such warranty/guarantee will be remain valid for until the concerned third party has implied them to remain valid.


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